Austin Credit Union


US Exchange Rate - January 30, 2015
Members Buy - 1.2942
Members Sell - 1.2562

Our Branches

We pride ourselves in having fully serviced and locally staffed branches.  We strive to ensure that the financial needs of all of our members are well taken care of.

2013 Financial Statements

Online Banking

Online Banking is an internet banking service that gives you 24 hour access to your accounts. You can check your balances, pay your bills, or look at your statement from the comfort of your home.

Prepare for Tomorrow

Build your credit rating today to create opportunities for tomorrow. Odds are, at some point you're going to need to borrow money to get ahead. Establishing a good credit rating puts you and your family in a stronger financial position and makes dreams possible!  Austin Credit Union is here to help.  Contact your local branch or call 1-877-226-2636 to get started.

Fraud Information

Whether you’re on the road or in the comfort of your home, it’s important to protect yourself and your personal information.  Fraud is continually growing, as are the ways of trying to obtain our personal information. For more information on Scams that may be targeted at you or your family, review The Little Black Book of Scams: your guide to protection against fraud.

INTERAC e-Transfer Service

INTERAC e-Transfer service now available at Austin Credit Union